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The Entrepreneur

I was 22, stressed, and emotionally drained when I discovered a benign tumor in my breast. Worried, I turned to my mother for help, and she gave me several herbs and oils to heal myself.


I began to take stock of my life, and incorporate herbal remedies into my lifestyle to support my physical, mental, and spiritual well being.


With the support of my mother and ancestors, I created Omekwa Organics to do what other health & beauty brands were not; make physical and emotional transformation an effortless, luxurious staple for this generation and the next. 

Because we deserve to Live Abundantly

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The Tea Corner Podcast

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A Show Where We Spill
Our Own Tea

Sure, we all love to spill the tea on other people’s messes, mistakes, and misfortunes—but on The Tea Corner with Omekwa Organics founder Anngelica-Marie, we spill our OWN tea. 

Listen to thoughts, conversations, and advice on all topics body, mind and spirit based on the themes of our herbal teas--The Boss Tea (Career & Purpose), The Protected Tea (Spirituality), and The Leisure Tea (Mental Health).

Nothing is off limits in this candid, interactive live show hosted on the Quilt Audio App Tuesdays at 10 am PST. 


New Podcast episodes every Wednesday. Click the button below to listen.


The Storyteller

Anngelica-Marie has immersed herself within the industry with positions at Sony Pictures, CBS Studios, and recently as  a Writer's Assistant on Netflix's "Family Reunion". Her short films have won multiple awards and official selections

A lover of dramedies, Anngelica-Marie aims to create content focusing on flawed women of color rediscovering themselves while upending prejudiced systems in the process

She talks about her background in her Final Draft Rising Through the Ranks interview.

A USC grad, Anngelica-Marie currently serves as Co-Founder and CEO of Downbeat Entertainment, an award winning production company that promotes diversity in front of and behind the camera. Their videos have racked up over 100,000 views across digital platforms





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In September 2020, Anngelica-Marie programmed and hosted the For Our People Film Festival, a free virtual film festival highlighting films showcasing  Youth, LGBT+, Mental Health, & Women in the Black Community. 

The festival partnered with non-profits to raise donations from attendees.

Programmed films have been featured in HBO Shorts, The Pan African Film Festival, and more.