"The Broken Key" Fundraising Video

The Broken Key uniquely offers a humanized portrait of inner city life and survival through the eyes of a child. It is crucial to examine how the crippling effects of fractured minority communities affect the psyche of the children within it--creating a mentality of survival rather than one of freedom, creativity, and hope. Oftentimes, stereotypical portrayals of the Black community lack our depth, our talent, and our love for one another; but the emotion that various genres of music convey, in conjunction with the power of film, can connect to all segments of society and show our shared humanity.

For people like me who have lived in these communities, I want to show that the adversities we face are not a hindrance to our success and personal freedom, but the source of it. We cannot change where we come from, but we can proudly proclaim the heart of our communities through our art and passions; instead of surviving in silence, we can uplift our communities and share our stories with others.

Anngelica-Marie Eshesimua

Writer, Director, Producer

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